About Our Staff

Meet the 2016-17 Shield Staff:

Row 1: Mercedes De La Cruz Martinez, Keely White, Gabby Talucci, Samaya Edwards, Nan Morales, Shawnie Green, Demaria Jackson, Diamond Evans, Cristan Mullins. Row 2: Alayjah Jones, Tyease Wooten, Hannah Finch, Suzanne Holt, Isaiah Lucas, Kimberly Hernandez-Gomez


The 2016-2017 Shield staff, who also works to keep this news site updated, consists of fifteen students, under adviser Ms. Lori Anderson. We meet daily in Room 159 and work to keep you updated about school events while we produce the yearbook and manage photography deadlines for the school.

Editors in Chief: Gabby Talucci and Keely White
Photography: Nan Morales Becerra
Staff Writers: Samaya Edwards, Diamond Evans, Shawnie Green, Tyease Wooten, Isaiah Lucas, Demaria Jackson, Mercedes De La Cruz Martinez, Kimberly Hernandez-Gomez, Suzanne Holt, Hannah Finch, Cristan Mullins


2015-2016 Shield Staff:
Shield Yearbook Staff 2015-16

Row 1: Samaya Edwards, Shawnie Green, Amarachi Achonu, Nan Becerra. Row 2: Isaiah Lucas, Emily Villegas, Alayjah Jones, Diamond Evans, Gabby Talucci, Keely White, Tyease Wooten.