Variety Coming to EW!

Put on your dancing shoes!
This is a list of all the students participating in the show and what talent they are showcasing.

By: Suzanne Holt

Talent! Talent! Talent! This past week East Wake High School students got ready for the variety show, which is like a talent show. Everything from rapping to singing and dancing was to be performed in the show. This is a great way for students to show off their artistic skills as a school.

The teacher who has been working hard to get this show together for the students is Ms. Hinnant. Mrs. Hinnant said, “We are having rehearsals this week for the show on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday for the students being in the show. On Monday rappers and singers will be rehearsing. On Tuesday dancers, comedians, poets, and muscians will be performing. Then on Wednesday the whole cast will have a run through of the show.

Students have been more than excited for the upcoming show. Seniors Janetlys Rodriguez and M’lysia Myers are dancing together as a duet in the show. Rodriguez said, “I love showing my talent and being around so many talented people”.

The show will be on MAY 5TH AT 6 PM!!! If anyone has any questions about it, talk to Ms. Hinnant.

What talents do you have?
Here is the list of information anyone needs to know about being in the talent show.


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