East Wake’s Elite Engineers

Teamwork makes the dreamwork! Junior Nuvia Maganda and her group work to create a package holding an egg that would ride behind a metal toy truck and crash into a cement wall. Maganda said, “My group built the third cheapest and strongest armory for the egg.”

By: Samaya Edwards

Currently, only 14% of engineers are women according to the Congressional Joint Economic Committee. It is evident that STEM Careers happen to be predominantly male. However, women are making huge contributions in these fields. The NCDOT and Women’s Transportation Seminar wants to lessen the disparity between gender in STEM careers by promoting careers in engineering for women. On Tuesday, April 18th, a program called Introduce a Girl to Engineering was hosted by the N.C. Department of Transportation and the Women’s Transportation Seminar. Juniors Eboni Monatague and Nuvia Maganda were two of the 30 girls from different high schools around the triangle that attended the event.

East Wake’s Career and Development Coordinator Mrs. Coble said, “These young ladies did a fabulous job designing their projects, collaborating with peers from other schools, using critical thinking skills to solve an engineering problem and communicating excellent questions to the panel of engineers. They each earned certificates and represented our school very well.” Junior Nuvia Maganda said, “I loved
the experience and benefited greatly from it, especially since I want to become an engineer myself once I go to college.”

Girlpower! Junior Eboni Montague (second from left) poses with her group. Montague said, “It was really fun to talk to some female engineers because they shared similar stories that I could relate to now, and it motivated me knowing that they were once in the same place as me.

The event proved to be successful and was a great experience for both of the students that attended.


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