INTERACTing with the Community


Walk It Out.
A handful of students in the Interact club pose for a picture before particpating in the walk for mutliple sclerosis.

By: Demaria Jackson
This year, the Interact club has a larger group of members than before. The club consists of about 20 members (which initally started as 40) willing to put forth time and effort to give their volunteer services. These students have been involved with plenty of community organizations such as the MS Walk, Secret Santa, Thanksgiving Food Drive, Salvation Army bell ringing, and more. Advised by Ms.Coble and Mr.Hodges, the club is in full effect and has improved within the last few years. Senior and president Haley Vaughn committed to Interact Club sophomore year and has been devoted ever since. Vaughn remarked, “I have seen an amazing growth change this year with the Interact club; it’s great to see how many people are actually willing to put time and effort in to help out and do all they can.”

Wendell Falls Rotary Club played a big part in the club’s success. Representative John Whitfield has worked with
East Wake’s Interact this year to assist and put together these service events. Just recently , members of the Interact club were inducted to show the appreciation of the hard work of each student.

Rotary Club has been a great support system in making Interact what it is today.

Interact would be a great club to join if you are interested in being involved with the community or just to give your respect and pay your dues to the society. To some of these students Interact is about more than just giving back or paying a good deed; it’s in their nature and blood to help other peers around them. This is Mr.Hodges first year advising Interact, and he remarked, ” Interact is a positive influence and definitely has doubled in size compared to last year. I am excited to see how the club turns out next year.”


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