Finishing Strong: EW’s Dublin and Clement Advance to Regionals

Mission Accomplished.
Khadeem Dublin (left) and Jake Clement (right) pose with Coach Glasgow after winning the GRNC doubles’ tournament. Glasgow said, “I’m really proud of how these two were able to come out on top in this tournament. Even though they were the top seed they faced stiff competition especially in their last two matches.”

By: Isaiah Lucas

Last week, the GNRC held its postseason tennis tournaments. There were two tournaments: one for doubles teams and one for singles players. The East Wake tennis team sent senior Will D’Allaird and sophomore Koby Higgs in to the singles tournament. Higgs lost on the first day of the tournament, while D’Allaird advanced to the second day, but he lost in the early stages.

One Last Time.
Senior Will D’Allaird partcipated in his last high school tennis match on the second day of the tournament. “This was a fun senior season. It wasn’t as smooth as I had hoped for because I missed the first four matches.”

The doubles team, made up of sophomore Mitchell Wilson and junior Isaiah Lucas, suffered the same fate as Higgs, while the doubles team of seniors Khadeem Dublin and Jake Clement won the tournament. Reflecting on the tournament, Dublin said “It was a tough tournament, but me and my boy Jake got our icy water buckets and got that money.” With the conference tournament win, Dublin and Clement will move on to play in the regional round of the state tournament.


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