From Club to Class: Drama Acts Out

In theatre class, Kevin Harris Jr. acts to be one of the Three Little Pigs trying to fight off The Big Bad Wolf, played by Takovi Artis.

By: Mercedes De La Cruz Martinez

Kayla Hinnant sits and explains to her class what they had to do for their poems and how to interpret their speech patterns and tone of voice.

Theatre Arts has FINALLY come to East Wake High School as an elective after only being aclub. Teacher, past special ed teacher assistant, Kayla Hinnant, went to training to be able to teach the class and stepped in during the third quarter.

The class has been learning about characterization through improvisation; they’re learning how to put together, stop and give distinctive names to poems by developing a character to deliver the poem to engage the audience. “To make the audience believe that we ARE the character, we needed to bring the characters to life by giving them a background story, walking and acting like the person we made, the person we want to be like. Everyone had to make a poem based on the character’s life and any problems their characters are facing,” stated Ms. Hinnant.

Group A, consisting of Amaka Molokwu, Kevin Harris Jr. and Anai Renavides, works to find out who plays the roles of The Big Bad Wolves and The Three Little Pigs.

She is excited about her classes and the progress they are making.




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