Willy Wonka Takes the Stage

Loving It. “I was quite pleased with our performances, I was somewhat skeptical. I’ve done the musical the past two years, and every time, I absolutely loved it.” -Samuel Salazar, 11

By: Nan Morales Becerra

In the three days that the performers put on Willy Wonka, both the audience and performers expressed different emotions and reactions. This colorful play is unique in so many ways. Willy Wonka & The Chocolate  Factory is a movie that most kids have seen, and the play, which is based on this novel and movie, brought out the kid within us. Many talented East Wake students acted, sang, danced, and worked to make this play a success. Chorus teacher Ms. Parker directed the play, and band teacher Mr. Newsome led the first-ever orchestra pit.

Great! “It was great! Like all musicals, I was expecting it to be amazing, but I know that it will always have its imperfections. My part as Mrs. Bucket was very easy because I act a lot like a mother would with their child; I worry for others before myself. I especially got a lot of compliments on my voice when I sang ‘Cheer Up, Charlie,’ which I appreciated so much.”
-Joceline Bermudez, 12

The audience not only enjoyed the characters’ conversations, but they also had the opportunity to witness unique and colorful prop changes, giving the appearance as if they themselves were following Willy Wonka throughout the factory. It was a story of fascination and excitement. As always, another great spring musical brought about by East Wake High!



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