East Wake High School Presents Finding Dory

Popcorn and a Movie! Sophomores Sequoia Edwards (left) and Jhenna Chapman (right) converse with each other while eating some delicious popcorn during the movie intermission. Chapman and Edwards are best friends who attended the movie night together. Edwards said, “I saw the movie night as a good opportunity to hang out with my friends.”

By: Samaya Edwards

Thursday, March 30th marked the date of East Wake High School’s first official movie night. SGA showed the film Finding Dory in the auditorium after school from 2:30-4:30. The event was open to all students and admission was free.

Student Government Association sponsored the movie night event. Mr. Moreno, a teacher adviser for student government, informed me that student government planned the event, coordinated with teachers for equipment, and voted on the film. In addition to this, student government also wrote donation letters to a local theater. Therefore, authentic movie popcorn was served at the event. Mr. Moreno had high hopes for the success of the event. He said, “the expected turn out should range from 100-150 students.”

Finding Dory is a Pixar animated film from Walt Disney Studios. As the sequel to Finding Nemo, the movie now focuses on Dory’s journey to find her parents. With the help of her friends Nemo and Marlin, she undertakes an epic family friendly adventure.


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