Celebrity Meet & Greet

Singer/songwriter and actress Be’yonce Knowles performs one of her popular songs.

By: Demaria Jackson

Ever wanted your favorite celebrity to come visit your school and meet you?

Everyone has his or her own inspirational idol that he or she wants to meet one day. This is an opportunity to meet your inspiration, the person you look up to, admire and get ideas from. If you got one chance to meet your celebrity idol who would it be? What would you say to him or her if you were to have a one-on-one conversation? How have they influenced you in life? What do they contribute to your life?

Students at East Wake High were asked who they would like to visit their school. A poll was taken, and students were asked “If a celebrity were to come visit your school, who would it be and why?” Thirty-three percent of students voted Be’yonce. Junior Javis Swinson explained, “Be’yonce is amazing and very inspirational to me.” Junior Sumer Jenkins said, “She is so beautiful and I love to hear her sing.” Junior Kevin Harris, Jr. would like for Drake to come out to East Wake High because he is “The greatest on earth and his music is great and inspirational.” Still other students requested celebrities such as singer/actor Trey Songz, rapper Travis $cott, basketball player John Wall, actress Gabriel Union and rapper Lil Yatchy.


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