The Freshmen are Here


“The rules here are a little more lenient than the rules in middle school and we have more freedom. In middle school we weren’t allowed to have our phones out at all, and now we can have them out at lunch, breakfast and in the hallways.” -Freshman Alexia Evans

By: Shawnie Green and Demaria Jackson


The adjustment to high school is a new experience for the incoming freshmen. When they first start out here it is often said East Wake is a big school and they get lost easily. But as the year goes on, they find it gets easier. The school doesn’t seem as big and there is not as much trouble trying to get around. It’s just a matter of getting used to things. But thanks to this year’s Freshmen Orientation and our new Freshmen Academy, students are able to adjust to life at East Wake High School.



” I like the friendly enviroment at this school but having all of my core classes on one hall is hard because all my electives are spread throughout the school, making it hard to get back to the 3rd floor in time.” -Freshman Justin Rhodes

This year the third floor became an academy for the freshmen, and with 423 new students coming into the school, the third floor is packed.  The purpose of the academy was to acclimate the students to high school by giving them an area just for them, as well as teachers who will work closely with them and plan inter-related lessons. Mrs. Michelle McGuire, freshmen teacher, said, “the freshmen academy benefits students to help with the transition from middle school to high school. It especially helps that their classes are close together.” Hopefully, this academy will bring many positives for our freshmen.


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