Exchange Students Visit East Wake

By: Kim Hernandez-Gomez and Diamond Evans


“I like math,” states Junior Berenice Colombo, who is visiting from Sicily, Italy.

Junior Berenice Colombo is from Sicily, Italy and came here to East Wake this year. She said she likes it here at East Wake because the teachers are nice and friendly. Then, we asked her what does she like about North Carolina, and she said, “It’s a calm place.” The fun activities that she did ever since she has been includes going to the mall because she likes shopping and also going to the movies. She said the main thing she misses from home the most is her family. However, she will only be staying here for the first semester and then she will be heading back home.



“You can call me ‘Weal’ if my name is too hard for you to pronounce,” says Junior Thanchanok Prediyanon.

Junior Thanchanok Prediyanon a.k.a Weal is from Bangkok, Thailand. She also says she likes East Wake because the school is really big, teachers are nice, and there are a lot of classes to choose from. She said she likes it here in North Carolina because there are a lot of things to do, like she can bicycle, because in Thailand they don’t have much room to do that. So far, she has gone to parks, kayaked, and visited restaurants like Chick-Fil-A. The thing that she misses most from back home is her parents and friends. She will be staying here with us for the whole the year and will leave in June next year.


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