Appreciating Our Teachers

By: Alayjah Jones


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May 2nd-6th was Teacher Appreciation Week, and teachers were appreciated all over the country. At East Wake High School, teachers were made to feel extra special. During this week organizations like the Student Council, PTA, and FFA and local businesses like Wendell Falls put together lunches for our staff. Lunches consisted of catered meals from Sweet Tomatoes, Jersey Mikes, Dickeys BBQ,  Moes, and Sheetz, and breakfast items came from Krispy Kreme and Dunkin’ Donuts. English teacher Mrs. Rachel Marchant reported, “Out of the entire week my favorite day was Wednesday when we had ate Dickeys BBQ, because it’s always good to have a good meal to fill you up during the day.” Mrs. Natalie Clark, also from the English department, agreed that Dickey’s was her favorite, because she had to have a second helping of the macaroni and cheese.


Not only were lunches provided, but Mr. Garry Allmon set up free car details for teachers through his automotive classes. Lots of teachers were satisfied with this offering, including science teacher Rhonda Rhodes. “I think the kids did a very good job washing my car; it was nice to get it done free,” said Mrs. Rhodes. Many teachers enjoyed this extra perk of Teacher Appreciation Week. And the parking lot was full of shiny cars throughout the week.

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