Protect That Pringle: The Pringles Challenge Comes to EWHS

By: Nan Becerra
pringles challenge

Hard at Work: Ray Omabu, 9, Nuvia Maganda, 10, and Darreese Ingram, 12, test their contraptions by placing their Pringles in the center.

In Mr. Stephen Fister’s first period class, Introduction to Engineering Design, a Pringles Challenge project was given to his students.  He got the idea from a challenge on the internet–The Pringles Challenge. Their job was to design a product that would safely protect a Pringle chip while it was mailed through the US Postal service. Once they designed the contraption, students mailed their packages to a school in Mississippi and received packages from that same school. According to Mr. Fister, EWHS sent a total of nine packages, and we received ten. The main challenge was to construct the smallest and least massive package that also provided the most protection for such a fragile item–the chip.

Introduction to Engineering Design is a class where students learn about designing objects that are made in the real world of engineering. A top packaging engineer in the industry can expect a salary of $85,000, so this particular project provides real-life experience if students wish to go this route. In addition, the use of a software called “Inventor” helps the students make a 3D model of designs they want to make. This is what real engineers use to make items like airplanes and cars.

Challenging Himself: Jaziah Rispress, 9, works on his design. “This project was a fun and interesting experience," Rispress said.

Challenging Himself: Jaziah Rispress, 9, works on his design. “This project was a fun and interesting experience,” Rispress said.

This was the first time that Mr. Fister has done this Pringles Challenge project in his class, and he looks forward to doing it in future years. Mr. Fister also teaches Digital Electronics and Engineering Design and Development. He anticipates a class of curious learners next school year.

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