Finding New Rhodes

Rhonda Rhodes

Mrs. Rhodes, who teaches biology, is one of many new faces at East Wake. Students look forward to her class and her smiling face as they enter the classroom.

By: Gabby Talucci

Of all the new faces here at East Wake, you’ve probably seen this one. Mrs. Rhonda Rhodes is a biology teacher and has a B.S. in Biology and a Masters in Secondary Science. “I have always been interested in science, and I started off in nursing,” stated Rhodes. She later decided that nursing wasn’t her thing. She had considered pharmacy, but ultimately went into teaching, something she’d thought she would love to do. Since then, she has never taught chemistry or physics, though she has taught every other science. But she wasn’t always a science genius. “I struggled with science in high school, but then something clicked in college. It just made sense,” recalled Rhodes.

Aside from being a teacher, Mrs. Rhodes loves to go camping and to the mountains as often as possible with her family. She also enjoys preparing bible study lessons, traveling, and cooking. In addition, she adds that she loves her mom.

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